When a part does not have a default location, can Fishbowl prompt to enter a default when receiving?

When you receive,. I have the choice of putting it someplace right here before I hit the receive truck. So when we don't have a location assigned, it automatically defaults to an A one location as the name of the location, and it causes confusion for our receivers if that part really exists there or if it's a new part.

So we were looking for something to prompt it, to enter a new part versus defaulting to one that isn't really set as a default. The one it should be set it to as a detail would be the default receiving location. Okay. Default location exists for a warehouse scenario where a part always has a.

Okay. As opposed to a scenario where I put it where I have space for it. Okay. Yep. So the normal flow would be it ends up in receiving and they put it away wherever they put it away. . The default location functionality says this part always belongs on shelf. Why? So you get to skip the move slash putaway step.

Okay. So if it doesn't have a default assigned, it should just go to that like location to be determined where it goes. . So I'm guessing that somewhere in your setup where it goes for locations that instead of receiving being the default. Okay.

Instead of receiving being the default for the location group, somebody has put a one as the default receiving location. Okay. So I know where to go and change that. I just remove it from the A one and change it back to the receiving. And that should clear up my issue. Yeah, it should. Okay, perfect.