How Dynamic Bids work?

Yeah that's another thing that I have started using. It's been a while. Initially I tried and tested it like for a couple of weeks I would track basically if I was increasing the dynamic bits what was the impact? Was it still good option? So overall learning is that it really works. It's driven by ai and ml algorithms which change your beds in real time. So if your ad is more likely to convert amazon would increase your bet by a certain percentage based on what you have defined as a percentage. And it would also lower down and talking about dynamic it's up and down here. So it would also lower down your bed if your ad is less likely and totally based on the ad history, the engagement and and the conversion. Of course that amazon is constantly tracking. So I I personally like the up and down option then when the profit is not the only area to focus on, if the profit is only area then I would focus on maybe down only. But I think up and down can be fitting in those situations as well. So one example is I saw one um campaign where there was a product and that product was selling more on the top of the search results. So if I was bidding, let's say 50 pence then most of the conversion was actually happening, happening on the top of the page with about 20% a cause and on the rest of the product page it was about 70% it costs. So that was huge. And if you are running a campaign, let's say automatic camp and you define a bed or even the manual campaign, you define a bed for a certain keyword, for a certain product, for a certain group. And and that applies to all the placements. So if you have, if you see your overall echoes rising because 20 if you, if you take an average of 20 and 70 it goes higher. So if you're looking at a high cost percentage, you would have that tendency to lower down the bits. But what I do additionally is I lower down the bits that's for sure so that it doesn't stay so competitive on the product page, but I increase the dynamic up percentage on the, on the placement of the top of the search. So that ways I'm still able to get more conversion on the top of the page, the sales are not traded off much and still the course is driven down and that if that is coupled with negative targeting, that does really good.

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