Episode 98: Megan Barella
By Cameron Suorsa
March 15, 2022
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Episode 98: Megan Barella
Mothers of Misfits

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Emily Melious

Welcome back everyone to another episode of Mothers of Misfits. I've been chatting with Megan before we even hit record. And I can just tell you, we're going to have an awesome conversation. She and I align on a lot of things, but let me tell you a little bit more about Megan.

Megan Barella helps conscious parents stop the power struggles and explosions and heal their family relationships. Amen to that.

She works primarily with parents of strong-willed and highly sensitive children. She has inspired thousands of parents to raise a generation of children who thrive.

And that is where my heart is as well. And you can learn more about her at MeganBarella.com. Megan, thank you for coming on.

Megan Barella

Emily. Thank you so much. I love being here and love everything you're up to, so thank you.

Emily Melious

Thank you. Okay, well let's just get right to it. And you say something interesting. And I think maybe unexpected, um, when we're on the topic of spirited children.

Spirited children have the empathy and empowerment our world needs

So I'm going to, I'm going to share your quote and then I'd like you to kind of tease it out for us. So you say that spirited children are often more challenging to parent.

We, we know that part, um, and they are prone to power struggles and emotional explosions. Yet they have the exact skillset of empathy and empowerment, that our world needs. So tell us more, why do you say that?