Scorpio Season Astro Article

    Hello, everyone. I am just trying out different things. Seeing. What works best for podcasting and writing articles. So this might be featured on a new kind of source for Sarah Goldsmith, astrology, but welcome.

    So I wanted to talk about the main transits that occurred. Prior to Halloween, you may call it Sam Hain or Salween, but the 31st marked a significant time, or even just the end of the month. End of October, March. Margaret a significant time because Scorpio seasons. More like dramatic transits. We're featured prior to Halloween. So let's run through those really quick right now.

    On October 23rd, we had the sun and Venus moving into Scorpio It was a Venus Kazimi, which means that Venus was in the heart of the sign. And then two days later we had. The new moon, partial eclipse on October 25th. Now, I know that a lot of people start talking about eclipses and kind of him in a hot about what the real meaning is. Should I be experiencing something that day that is so relevant?

    And eclipses are actually. Such a great example of significant points to look back on. As significant moments. So you may notice months from now or years from now a significant choice that you made around the clips. Around all eclipses, we experienced. Sometimes two to three each year. The eclipse cycles.

    And so. All eclipses mark. Those choice points is what I like to call them. Those points in which we come to terms with something and choose to either let go of something more clearly. Or choose to pursue a new hobby, choose to pick up a book that ends up inspiring something within us for years and years to come.

    So these are the types of things that can be exciting to look back on. When you think about eclipses. But pay attention to what interests were sparked to during the eclipse around the, the last week, the week leading up to Halloween, October 23rd to 20 or to 31st. Now. Following the clips.

    Or the partial eclipse, I should say. We also had Jupiter moving back into Pisces. It is already retrograde. But Jupiter. I moved into Pisces on around October 27th, 28th, depending on your time zone. And Jupiter moving back into Pisces and its retrograde cycle is pretty significant. Do you put her in Pisces is always like an abundant time. It feels really positive and flowy.

    But with the astrology that is going on this time and with Jupiter being retrograde. The abundance or the joy feels a little hidden. Feels a little bit more drawn out and out of our reach, I guess. So. There is a lot of emotional and mental. Stuff that is at the surface, which can be holding us back from recognizing the joy and abundance in each moment. So if you're listening to this.

    Or reading this. Underneath all of the drama of our daily life. There is this constant reminder of peace connection and serenity. And Jupiter moving back into Pisces is asking us all to reconnect to that. To remind ourselves that there is so much more to life than just our day to day daily work or responsibilities, and is asking us all to rethink or reconnect to our, our inner peace inner dialogue.

    Our happy place or our connection to our spirituality and intuition.

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