How can I find out how many units have been fulfilled and how many units are still open? (TaraByte standard report) / Who can see what reports/who has access?

Okay. So how can I get a PDF file of a document?

There are reports on the sales order side. There are standard sales orders. I think this one might do it. So my choices down here are Okay. Issued it in progress. My columns on-hand. Short, total short needed. Okay. There is, I believe there's a report that will do it. It's a question to figure out which one's got the right choices. If not, of course we are always welcome, happy to make it a standard report. A custom report for you.

And if we ordered this report from you, would this also be available to other users?

Using fishbowl within the company? It will. Okay. As far as people using the report within fishbowl, those are user rights within Fishbowl. So in fishbowl you can come over here to user groups and you can decide who gets access to the reports or not. So if I've got a custom report, I get to say whether or not, so this was, would've been this report right here, I can say whether or not they have access to see that report or not.

Okay. Very good. You get to choose those and set those. Permission based upon a user group. So not only does it control access and transactions, but it also controls who can see what reports. Okay. Very good. Thank you.