Advice for a sustainable success

George Reid00:00

What one action would you advise right now to create sustainable success on Amazon?

David Glick00:06

You know, what we found when I was working with sellers when I was on the FBA team is well selling on Amazon isn't really a traditional retail. It is managing the rules, like you said, the algorithms and the rules that they set up and the rule says that anybody can knock off your product. So, you know, we talk to sellers, they say, Oh, yeah, yeah, we have a good product. We know that it's gonna sell for 30 to 60 days, and then we have to go find another good product, because either you, either another seller is gonna source it from the place we sourced it from, or Amazon will source it from that place and so the sellers who have done great, at least in my opinion, are the ones who are super scrappy. They're able to deal with Amazon's crappy tools.

It turns out Amazon gets to set the rules, and so you need to understand the rules deeply and understand how to work with that within that system. And if you do, you can be massively successful. But if you sort of protest against the rules and you want things to be quote "fair and easy", you're not going to do great!

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