Throwback Episode: An Intervention! It's Time to Think Outside the Box

    Welcome to the BizBash Podcast, where we make biz strategy a piece of cake. I'm Elizabeth, and I'm Camie, but you might know us better. As Eliza and Calligraphy and Camie Monet, we want to help you, our fellow Stationers artists and calligraphers confidently build a profitable and personality driven creative biz.

    We're here to share our honest to goodness advice and actionable strategies for ambitious artists. So put on your party hat. Quit being a procrastinator gator, and let's get this party started. Guys , we're back and today is a big day with the Biz Birthday Bash podcast, as many of you guys know. Sweet and wonderful.

    Cammy Bonnet is due to have her baby in February, and she literally just found out this morning like, I don't even know yet, guys. just found out the gender of the baby. And she was like, I'm not telling you until we hit record. So that's where we are right now. We'll get to the episode in just a second.

    Yeah, but we got life things first. Okay. We have life things first. Okay. First, I just texted you some pictures of the baby. From the ultrasound, so you can see there's cute little nose. Look how.

    Oh God, guys, if I cry this episode, feet, I'm a disaster today. Oh, look, they're sucking their thumb. . Oh my gosh. Um, so the grand reveal, oh my goodness, boy, is that a girl? Elizabeth guess girl, right? I guessed girl. I saw a lot of people commenting boy on cammy's posts. So I was like, I'm gonna go contrarian and say, girl , even though I didn't really have like any, I don't know.

    I didn't have any hardcore leaning either way, because Baby Miller is just gonna be the gosh darn cutest no matter what. So , well. It's a girl . Its real. It was right? Yes. Thought it was a boy this whole time. So I was like actually shocked when told. Oh my God. Oh my gosh. Why did you think, why did you think the whole time?

    I just felt like it was a boy. I don't know why. I just felt like it was a boy and then everyone, like, based on what I was craving, was like, it's gonna be a boy, it's gonna be a boy. And Juliana Mary, she was like, I have never been wrong about guessing gender. And you know, she's like, so let's talk about what you're craving.

    So I like had like some serious conversation with her and she was like, Tricky. Tricky, but it's gonna be a boy. And I was like, okay, she's never been wrong in like 10 years. And so welcome . Wait, what if, this is one of those crazy things though. Like were you, I know where they changed. Were they where you have the baby and it actually is a boy

    That happened to my friend actually. They thought it was gonna be a boy, but it would end up being a girl. . Yeah, there was that like really famous girl something, someone from reality TV that that also happened to, yeah. I think they got a good, a nice solid d the baby. She was, she was moving everywhere. She, okay, first of all, I gotta tell you this because this is the cutest thing.

    She's sitting there, she has her feet crossed at the ankles like this. So the ultrasound, I can see her little feet cross at the ankles. Like a lady, this isn't a girl, this is a lady. Okay. . And she's stuck on her thumb, just like, just like, I want a great time in there. And I was like, . Oh, she was like waving stuff.

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