Week 5 Accountability
By Ryan Snyder
July 12, 2022
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Good morning from my husky department. It is confirmed. It is week five of my accountability challenge and today's workout was brought to me by the latest Cave-In album, Heavy Pendulum, which is awesome. If you're a fan of metal hard rock, whatever you wanna label it, it is fantastic. I highly suggest you check it out.

So today was chest day, still feeling a little bit of shoulder pain. So I had to take it a little bit easy on the workout towards the end of it was feeling a little bit fatigued, but all in all was a pretty good pump was able to increase the amount on bench while keeping the reps high.

So pretty stoked on that all in good day. Got a new mic. So hopefully everything sounds crystal clear. So let me know if you have any feedback, otherwise gotta get to it. Hopefully you have a good one.