Table Talk 024

    All right. Welcome to the Table Talk podcast. Today I'm here with two of our pharmacists on our team Dr. Nicole Grahams and Dr. Sarah Anderson. So do you guys wanna introduce yourselves to start off?


    Yeah. I'm Dr. Nicole Grams. I'm in Wisconsin. I see patients in Wisconsin. And I like to work with people that have a lot of stress, so this is a perfect topic for me to join in on.


    And I am Sarah Anderson. I'm based in Minnesota, so I see mainly patients in Minnesota. And also, you know, I feel like no matter who I'm working with which typically I'm working with the autoimmune population, we're always talking about stress as one of those dimensions of fall being.


    Awesome. Yes. So the holidays are upon us. So we are going to release this podcast before the Thanksgiving holiday and then many of the December holidays, including Christmas and Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate. But we know that this is a busy time of year we wanted to just put something out there saying, Hey, these are some ways that you can help yourself enjoy this time because these holidays are not meant to be stressful.

    These are holidays that we have a very specific purpose in celebrating, and I think we have to get back to that purpose and forget about all the hustle and bustle sometimes. And all the little things that sort of get to us. Buying the gifts or you know, how it's wrapped or this event that you have to go to or all of those things sort of tie us up and, and get us really stressed and it makes it to the point where, especially if you're hosting, you're just like exhausted and you didn't actually enjoy the people and the community that is surrounding you during those times.

    So, I'll let Nicole kick it off. What is your like, number one advice to people as they're setting foot into this time of year and just really what they should be thinking about when it comes to de-stressing and enjoying this time?


    Yeah, so I mean, obviously holiday season has a lot of different layers going on, and not only the prep and the presence and the everything else, but also the family, which isn't always necessarily the most, the easiest to, you know, get along with, especially if there's any fighting or any, somebody should be doing this.

    All of the dynamics come to play around the holiday tables, and I think one of the big pieces of advice that I give to people is to really go in not expecting anybody to be different than what they are. Cause I think part of the big issues that we have is going in with these expectations of, you know, we're gonna have this perfect family meal.

    Nobody's gonna fight. All the kids are gonna behave, like letting go of the resistance to what's actually happening.


    Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. I think that we do have those expectations. Like this is gonna be this, you know, pottery barn style Thanksgiving table, and it's gonna be beautiful. And then as soon as like something goes awry and the child breaks something or all of those things happen.

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