Marc Baumann on Bitcoin Suisse's Journey & Why Brands Like Nike Champion Web3
    Marc Baumann

    one of the misconceptions you could have is. It's already mainstream. I think it's not at all mainstream. It's still very niche. even though the biggest brands in the world are doing stuff with it.


    Hello and welcome to Defire your crypto storytelling podcasts. That's not afraid to tell it like it is. My name is Jonas. And today we are going on a bit of a digital adventure. I recently got to sit down with Marc Baumann. Now, Marc is an interesting guy. He used to be the head of marketing at Bitcoin Suisse. And these days he's out there in the wild helping companies navigate the weird and wonderful world of web three, NFTs and this thing they call the metaverse. Marc and I had a chat about his time at Bitcoin Suisse, what it takes for crypto to go mainstream and where he sees this whole digital revolution heading. It's a conversation. That's part tech, part marketing and all kinds of fascinating.

    So, whether you are a crypto native or just someone who's curious about where all this internet money stuff is going stick around, we've got a great show for you. So get comfortable. Put those headphones on and let's jump into the digital deep end with Marc Baumann. But before we start a quick word from our sponsor.

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    one thing I also wanted to ask you actually before we start um, is what would this episode make a success for you from your perspective, what do you want out of this?

    Marc Baumann

    it's a success if listeners who don't know a lot about crypto or a lot about web three afterwards know what those concepts or those things are about and that it's not all about those negative things that we heard recently in the news all the time and that they see the potential of it, but also that they recognize the limitations that, we currently have.

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